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Just spent the last 30 minutes driving around the 2 blocks surrounding my home.  I popped in a mix CD from the good old days, rolled the windows down and thought of most of the people I love.  Every time I got close to pulling onto my street another great song came on or I was right in the middle of singing along to the chorus of some song that reminded me of someone infinitely special.

Have you ever been a part of something that you thought would never end?  And then of course it did.

Here's a screen I haven't seen in a while. 

And I have nothing to say.

Apr. 26th, 2009

Alex and I are going on a three week adventure.  Destination Ohio with 4/5 days spent driving through and staying in Memphis, St.Louis and Chicago.  Then on to Cleveland, then up to Niagra Falls and possibly up to Toronto for a couple of days.  Then back to Cleveland for wedding things(Alex is a groomsman) and then Memorial Day in Indiana (near Peru) to visit his aunt and uncle's farm.

If anyone has any recommendations for things to do en route that would be great.  I think Cleveland itself is pretty planned out but we're just wandering around the other cities to find stuff.

So far, I'm making us stop(or rather detour) to visit William Faulkner's house, Rowan Oak in Oxford MS. Something Alex has no interest in, but he humors me.  That's the only thing I really have planned out.

what else what else what else

Got a Kindle2.  Don't like the idea of not owning my books physically but that's sort of possessive isn't it?

Also been working on a short story that's turning out to be much longer than the term short story implies.

NY Eve Party Pics

Here are pictures from New Year's Eve.  Check 'em out, they were good.  Pay no mind to my horrible hair.  I couldn't touch it so it was sticking up most of the night.  I'm not in most of them as I was the sober camera woman.  :P 

I love my friends.  Seriously.

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New knockers

My last post was Dec. 11th.  WTF.

So for those of you that I don't talk to daily... I had my breast reduction surgery. Yay.  The insurance company jerked me around a bit a first but eventually came through late enough that I had to get it done on Christmas Eve. Yeah I know. Sucky.  But hey, the IC paid for everything 100% because they saw my boobs were way too big for my body and felt sympathy.  Oddly enough, my plastic surgeon didn't believe they were as big as they were when I had clothes and was totally shocked after I took my shirt off.  And the lady that's been cutting my hair for the past 6 years didn't notice either. She says she doesn't notice a difference.  haha.  I think I must've been adept at hiding the girls.

It's really weird.  I was scared at first yes and I had one night post op that I thought, "Oh god, what did I do? I shouldn't have done this to myself."  But other than that I've been glad.

I'm still healing.  Can't lift my hands over my head(makes dressing and brushing my hair difficult) or lift anything over 5 pounds.  Wednesday was 3 weeks and I'm not as bad as you'd think.  I walk around and am pretty normal.  I just hurt a lot sometimes and sometimes not at all.  My biggest pain is having to sleep on my back propped up by a million pillows.  I usually sleep on my belly so it's just annoying.

But I'm six to seven pounds lighter and now a C or D cup.  Yay!!

I'm WAY looking forward to swimsuit shopping this summer. I almost cried last year when I couldn't find ANYTHING that fit.  Two pieces? Nope.  One pieces that didn't look like they were made for your grandmother. Nope.  Seriously, almost started crying in a dressing room after my 5th store.  Really just any kind of shopping.  Shirts will actually fit me now.  No more weird puckering of fabric or too much skin.  And I've never been a dress wearing girl but once and again would be nice.  Dresses were impossible before as the top of my body never the bottom. AND bras that don't cost $50-$60 from specialty stores.  OMG.

Also the experience made me really thankful for the people in my life.  People checking up on me whether through a text, phone call or visit.  And Michael sent me a Get Well card that meant SO much to me I can't describe.  And I don't even have words for how amazing Alex was.  He spent every night with me the first week and half, sleeping on the ground next to my bed at my mom's even Christmas and Christmas Eve.  Just making sure I was okay and didn't need anything and setting his alarm to give me my medication, getting me food, massaging my legs so I wouldn't get blood clots when I wasn't up for walking, and then walking around the house with me when I could.  It just lets me know how much he loves me.  Seriously.  Amazing.

P.S.  OMG, BSG is back tomorrow night.  ^_^
I'm so lonely.  And missing the boy, who is out of town for forever.  And school's out so it's not like I'm bursting with things to do.


So if I have this surgery, I will have had two cosmetic surgeries within the last few years.  

I'm well on my way to being that cat lady.

In other news....

I saw the Moscow Ballet perform The Nutcracker at the Majestic this weekend.  I've never been to a ballet.  It was nice.  It's pretty amazing the things people can do with their body.

Alex and I went to the King Tut exhibit at the DMA today.  It was good but I recommend getting the audio tour if you go.  We got out of there a bit later than expected, at around 5, so we thought we were going  to be in horrid traffic leaving Dallas and back to Plano.  Not the case though.  It was actually fairly decent other than a 5 minute rough spot right before and right after 635.

I've been pretty down lately.  I blame the impending feeling of doom that the holidays bring.  Ugh.   I went to the mall Sunday.  Christmas music already!  UGH.  I know, I know, I may be a scrooge or a grinch or whatever else but I'm not a fan of the season.  Too much stress.  Too much tension.  And way too many letdowns.  Hopefully I'll be drugged through the whole ordeal thanks to my surgery.

Nov. 17th, 2008

Funny Senior Portraits

Scroll  down to the The Weird Asian Kid Portrait.
Looks just like John-Paul.

Don't call me racist.

It doesn't look like Peter.

Things Learned on IMDB

This guy        

was Carth Onasi.